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Hi! My name is Marissa Yamada and I am a certified speech-language pathologist and founder of Speak Therapy, LLC and licensed in the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky is truly a hidden gem. I previously lived in Lexington before moving to Chicago and had the opportunity to work as a speech therapist in Frankfort, Danville, Paris, and Georgetown in an outpatient clinic and inpatient hospital.  

While I loved the rolling, green hills of Kentucky and the eclectic but compassionate culture of Kentucky residents, I found the accessibility to speech and language therapy services lacking. When working across outpatient clinics, I was often told by patients that they had to travel up to 30 minutes to an hour to seek services for their child. As a speech therapist that strongly believes in the right to communicate, this was disheartening news as everyone should have easy accessibility.

As a result, I’ve decided to bridge the gap in accessibility by offering teletherapy services to residents throughout Kentucky. With over 3 years of experience in providing teletherapy, I have worked with individuals of all ages and abilities to find their voice and gain newfound confidence.

Kentucky Speech Teletherapy Services

Speak Therapy offers an innovative and individualized approach to speech and language services for both pediatrics and adults.

Pediatric Services

Articulation: We can help improve your child’s speech productions so others can better understand them.

Language: We can help improve your child’s comprehension and verbal expression to help communicate their wants and needs. We also offer parent training for toddlers to help teach you strategies on how to build their language repertoire.

Social Behavior: We can help improve your child’s understanding and application of social rules to build meaningful relationships.

Stuttering: If your child demonstrates stuttering, we can help offer a number of strategies to help make their speech more fluent.

AAC: If you child has difficulty with verbal expression, we can help offer strategies to encourage communication with their speech generating device. Research shows that a child’s speech generating device helps promote verbal language too!

Apraxia: If you notice your child is unable to be understood by others frequently, we offer ways to improve their motoric abilities to help make clearer speech.

Adult Services

Aphasia: We can improve your comprehension and expression of language after a brain injury.

Cognition: We offer strategies and therapeutic exercises to improve your memory, attention, reasoning, word retrieval, and organization/planning to help build your independence.

Voice: We offer strategies and therapeutic exercises to improve your vocal quality, tone, pitch, and loudness so you can have clear speech.

From early intervention parent training to help your toddler talk to working on your recent dysarthria and voice disorder diagnoses and establishing a loud, clear voice when socializing with family and friends, I’d love to be a part of your journey towards success!

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